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Tue Mar 23 11:33:40 SAST 2010

ays...including the caller Id ANI

But trixbox says 0 sip trunks registerd and the logs on the Quintum say "SI=
P: Unregistered".

When I plugged in the analogue line, the analogue LED didn't come on at all=
. I'm using the Quintum GUI management software and not HyperTerminal to co=
nfigure it. I'm not sure if any of the other settings need to change in ord=
er to work in SA? Maybe I'm a bit stupid but the manuals weren't very helpf=
ul and finding information about using these devices in SA seems scare (per=
haps my Googling skills need to improve).

Basically I'm going to be using the AFT200 for all cell phone numbers with =
a cell router and all other calls (incoming/outoing) go through the BX408 g=

Aside from getting them working the incoming calls need to go to an IVR whi=
ch will the person to enter the extension number or wait for reception.

If anyone has experience with these devices or could push me in the right d=
irection I would really appreciate it!! Please let me know if more informat=
ion is required about the setup.

PS: These are the first ISDN and gateways I've attempted configuring...I'm =
used to the analogue PCI cards. Learning curve ahead...



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