[asterisk-tech] Outbound Routes and Dial Patterns

Rick North rick.north at emediait.com
Thu Mar 18 20:07:42 SAST 2010

Hi all,

I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a mental knot over these.

Basically I have 2 gateways - 1 for 3 ISDN lines and 1 analogue for a cell router. Both products are Quintum.
All numbers except cellphone numbers need to go through the ISDN lines and all cellphone calls must go through the analogue gateway.

I'm a bit confused as to which dial rules I should put where. There's no limit on any dialled numbers with regard to international calls etc. As long as cellphone calls go though the cell router and everything else goes through the ISDN it's all good.

I've been reading up on it but for some reason it still perplexes me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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