[asterisk-tech] Off-subject: Top-posters

Charles Leaver myself at charlesleaver.com
Tue Oct 28 18:08:41 SAST 2008

On 2008/10/28 5:16 PM, "Charl Barnard" <charl at molo.co.za> wrote:
> Vaguely remembering Steve pulling Rob's leg on this group for his
> top-posting, I can't resist referring you to a link that I stumbled upon
> today which treats the topic quite exhaustively:
> http://www.caliburn.nl/topposting.html

Heh. I always found it quaint the way some list admins hammered in the whole
"good netiquette thing". I'm glad that for so long I've been on so many
different lists, as I've had long enough to see for myself why good habits
are important to apply to mails sent to such lists.

At stages though I thought the admins were real dooses, and that most people
here are clued up enough to keep things tidy, which is why I never say

Is there anybody who is weird about this and wants me to say something? I
guess after this mail that will make it really weird, hey?! Ok so let's
treat this as the "once in a while mention" of good mailing list netiquette.


K bye.

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