[asterisk-tech] Privacy

Leon Pelser leon at f1.co.za
Wed Jun 25 13:25:24 SAST 2008

I got caller ID so I do know who's calling.  For the moment I'm just 
using the blacklist, but when I have time I will implement your plan and 
let you know.  LOL...

Frans Schneider wrote:
> If you want to be nasty:
> When that company calls put them into an IVR, every 20 seconds play a 
> recording saying "hi welcome to so and so ...., please hold" then do 
> something else ... and more, and more, see how long you can keep them 
> hanging, LOL
> You get the picture
> I always wanted to do that but never got the chance, lol
> But you need identicall for all this.
> Frans

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