[asterisk-tech] IAX2 source ports

Jens von Bülow jens at nha.co.za
Tue Oct 30 09:25:28 SAST 2007

>> We bought a number of Linksys ADSL routers model AG241 
>> and we returned them as defective (all 6 of them) 
>> <snip>
>> I know of a WiFi ISP in Eastern Cape who bought 60 of 
>> the same model and also returned all of them for similar 
>> reasons.

Ok, so that brings us back to Steve's suggestion of a PCI card with a PPPoE modem... 

Question: Where are you buying ADSL PPPoE modems - I can't get simple PPPoE modems from Telkom anymore and my friends have all already given me their old routers for new the "Wifi router" ones....

Also, has anyone been lucky enough to get a PPPoA PRI ADSL card working easily (without kernel hack etc)

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