[asterisk-tech] Flashing a FXO port?

sunbeam at telkomsa.net sunbeam at telkomsa.net
Sat Oct 6 14:40:45 SAST 2007

Hi all

Sorry to bother again, I know you are all most probably watching your favourite sports, but I am having a problem with sending a Flash signal to a FXO Zap port and wonderred if one of you guys could help me with some guidance. 

I have the following setup....  PSTN--Old PBX--Asterisk box. i can get the call to go from the PSTN to the Asterisk via the old PBX, but when I want to send the call back to the old PBX I can not send it there.

In the dial plan I have added the following on the extension I want to dial in the old PBX...


According to all I have read on the web this should work fine. When I try this I get the following scenario...

Call comes in as per normal, when I put the caller on hold, he can hear the music on hold. I can even hear the extension rining on the old PBX, but as soon as the asterisk box executes the Hangup event, the call gets dropped. 

I have tried to set the flash value in the zapata.conf file as explained to on the web, but no luck. Can anyone tell me where I can start looking for a solution for this?

Kind regards

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