[asterisk-tech] pickup call

Steve Davies steve at connection-telecom.com
Wed Jun 28 23:08:59 SAST 2006

On 28 Jun 2006, at 22:50, Shaun Rampersad wrote:

> The phones are IP300 phones. You wouldnt happen to know how to get the
> ringtone louder or change it to something better??

How to change an IP300 to something better?  We'll give you something  
as a trade in ;-)

Seriously: its a PA168 chipset phone, not so?  See http://www.voip- 
info.org/tiki-index.php?page=PA168  Also, http://aredfox.com/eindex.htm

And at aredfox.com I seem to have hit the jackpot:  http:// 

(No guarantee; if you break it you keep both halves; we terminally  
broke a PA168 phone with the wrong firmware, though I guess ringtones  
should be OK).


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