[asterisk-tech] Pushing to voicemail

Garth van Sittert garth at bitco.co.za
Wed Jun 28 20:05:35 SAST 2006

Steve Davies wrote:
> On 28 Jun 2006, at 14:48, Stefan Lesicnik wrote:
>> I am a reserve member of SAPS the North East Intervention unit. Im sure
>> everyone is familiar with what happened this past Sunday where four
>> police officers lost their lives.
>> Six of our units members were at the scene on Sunday. I had a request
>> from our logistic Sergent if I could think of a way that we could notify
>> the rest of our members of any operations or current situations via
>> voicemail.
>> Currently we receive an SMS, but this Sunday they were under fire and
>> didnt really have the luxury to write an SMS.
>> I was thinking something along the lines of, phoning our asterisk
>> server, leave a voice message. The server in turn dails a list a
>> cellphone numbers direct to the voicemail box, and plays the message and
>> send a hangup key.
>> Sounds doable. Does anyone have any experience with this, know if what
>> i'm thinking about would work, is willing to help implement this?
> Hi Stefan,
> I was very sorry to hear about what happened on Sunday.
> I think your idea would work well.  Dial the number, wait for the call 
> to be answered and the line to go silent (aka end of the outgoing 
> message).  Then play out the recorded message and hangup.
> If this project would assist you guys in your tough job, I'd be happy 
> to offer my time without charge to help implement it.
> With regards,
> Steve Davies
> Connection Telecom
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Hi Stefan

My family was quite involved in the SAPS in KZN.  I would be willing to 
help out and provide some hardware if needed.  I know Steve is in Cape 
Town and I am in JHB so I am sure I could lend a hand.  Do you already 
have an Asterisk server?


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