[asterisk-tech] Remote adminestering of Asterisk

Barry Gill b at rry.co.za
Mon Jun 26 15:41:13 SAST 2006

People don't have internet access?
You could install a GSM modem, bit of a waste for just that, although you
could probably use it for premicell type use as well.
I would say that being able to dial and get command prompt is going to be
pretty insecure, but then again, you can password/key protect it too.


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Thanks Barry, but I was actually referring to when a client do not have
internet access and you are not onsite. How can you manage the box then..?
Kind Regards
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Subject: RE: [asterisk-tech] Remote adminestering of Asterisk
Author: "Barry Gill" <b at rry.co.za>
Date: 26th June 2006 1:27:45 
how about a simple ssh session?

I have OpenVPN installed, and manage my ssh connections through that, works
like a charm :)


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Just want to find out if anyone knows if there is an easy way to remotely
manage an asterisk box. Is there a way to dial a specific extension on the
box en get a command prompt, or should we use a locally connected modem to a
locally connected extention?

Kind Regards

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