[asterisk-tech] Recording extensions on Asterisk

Rob Lith rob at connection-telecom.com
Sun Jun 25 16:59:01 SAST 2006


The additional file are what Asterisk at Home (or now TrixBox) uses  
those files for the configs it makes for that it does not overwrite  
the default files.

If you use Asterisk at Home the you can specify in the extensions which  
you want to record, there are options to Record Incoming: Never, On  
demand or always.


On 25 Jun 2006, at 12:36, sunbeam at telkomsa.net wrote:

> Hi All
> Not sure if anyone can help here. I am running asterisk with TDM422  
> card and would like to
> record some extensions. I have searced the web and could only find  
> some small references
> to recording extensions. It all seems to be about recording voip  
> extensions. I would like to
> record TDM connected extensions. I also see there are files called  
> zapatap_additional.conf
> and sip_additional.conf ...... what are these files for and where  
> can I get more info on what
> these files are used for, it seems as if these files will enable me  
> to record some extensions,
> but how and where do I specify where to store the recorded  
> conversations, ect????
> Any one that can help?
> Kind Regards
> Manie
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