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We have many sites with 2 x 4 port Sirrix ISDN BRI cards and Digium Analog
cards in the same system and they work just fine! Sirrix has a dedicated
device driver and channel driver for Asterisk as well as a voice processor
on the card to cope with the load. The Sirrix cards link together via a
dedicated bus (on the card using an IDE cable to link them, timing and
synchronization runs over this bus). These cards are more expensive than
hacking together a couple of ISDN modems and using a generic channel driver,
but the significantly better voice quality and lack of unhappy users are
more than compensation. 

Once again Rob is the pricing dude.

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Again thanks for the info.

The idea is to get rid of the Jupiter unit and have asterisk take over 
all that.  Hence all the questions

Barry Gill wrote:

> > I need to know what a DDI is?
> DDI (Direct Dial Inbound/Inward (many asterisk users refer to this as 
> DID -
> Direct Inward Dial)
> DDI numbers are logical number allocated the the physical number that 
> exists
> for your telephone line.
> Telkom pass the last four digits of the DDI number to your PBX so that you
> can decide what to do with the call based on the number that was dialed.
> I have for example 20 DDI numbers ranging from 0115555460 to 0115555479
> 5479 is my fax line, 5460 is my default number and numbers 5461 to 
> 5478 are
> used for all sorts of other things, including direct extensions, my 0861
> number etc.
> The same can be achieved with MSN numbers.
> > Also, if I understand Barry correctly, then I only need a couple of ISDN
> lines to run my 5 incoming
> > lines and these can be routed through BRI cards to all my extensions. Am
> I correct in my understanding?
> Yes, you are right.
> BUT....
> ISDN BRI cards are not ideal for telephony.
> I have two duxbury ISDN BRI PCI cards, meaning I have to use 2 PCI slots,
> use 2 IRQ's on my machine.
> If I had more than 2 cards (as you require 5 lines) then having 3 PCI 
> cards
> is not going to work very well as the IRQ allocation and CPU cycle
> allocation because of the number of interrupts will play havoc with my 
> timing.
> This will lead to choppy calls, certainly far from ideal.
> You can get a multi port BRI card from Digium (I am sure Rob can give you
> pricing here) although if you get a muliport card, you will probably 
> (seeing
> as you have a jupiter in place) find it easier to get a 24 port FXO/FXS
> card, have the timings controlled by that and plug your analogue telphone
> extensions and external lines into that...
> You can still do MSN's in that fashion, telkom will still hunt across all
> lines as well...
> Barry
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