[asterisk-tech] looking for x100p

clive engelberg clive18 at webmail.co.za
Thu Jun 15 08:01:40 SAST 2006

Steve, hi

ztdummy should be working fine in theory, but in practice,
it loses timming with increasing cpu load. This is causing
some sound quality problems for me, especially with IVR

Best regards

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 22:44:43 +0200
 Steve Davies <steve at connection-telecom.com> wrote:
>On 14 Jun 2006, at 22:26, clive engelberg wrote:
>> Rob, howzit
>> I need the x100p for timming purposes only. How much is
>> cheapest TDM card you sell ?
>> regards
>> Clive
>Clive: since 2.6 kernel and any vaguelly recent zaptel
>release,  ztdummy can generate Asterisk timing on any
>modern system.  You don't  need particular USB chip or
>anything like that any more.  So I don't  think you need a
>Digium card or clone just to get timing.
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