[asterisk-tech] zaphfc and tdm2400p

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Check /etc/modprobe.d/zaptel out. This runs ztcfg automatically after each
Digium module. If you have more than one type of Digium card then you need
to modify this to not run ztcfg until the last module is loaded. Just delete
the && /sbin/ztcfg on each module you are loading except the last one.

Also note that Telkom's impedence model is a 900Ohm complex that is sort of
ETSI compliant. The Digium analog cards (wctdm module) default to FCC mode
(that is 600Ohm) and you get a hell of an echo on every call. To fix this
simply put the following line into /etc/modprobe.d/zaptel (at the top):

options wctdm opermode=SOUTHAFRICA

Mark, in pre 1.2.x Asterisk you need to use TBR21 mode (ETSI standard
900Ohm) instead:

options wcfxs opermode=TBR21

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Garth van Sittert wrote:
> Steve Davies wrote:
>> I'm sure I remember helping a customer who had hfc with Digium
>> analogue.  I'm sure it worked.  The zaphfc looks like a PRI board -
>> so you just define the spans and channels for the hfc, then after
>> that you define the channels on the analogue.
>> The zaphfc will be channels 1 to 3, so the tdm will be 4 through 7.
>> Load zaptel, zaphfc, wctdm in that order and then run ztcfg.  Then
>> load asterisk. 
>> Steve
I have an oldish asterisk box - working fine. I have a 4-port ISDN BRI
Module and a 4-port analogue module.
The order in which modules are loaded is important.

modprobe zaptel
insmod /path-to/bristuff-0.2.0-RC8b-CVS/qozap/qozap.ko
modprobe wcfxs
safe_asterisk &

The last modprobe does more than just install wcfxs -  something like
automatically running ztcfg - which if you then do again - breaks
things... The order of installing modules also thus provides you the
order that channels will be in....

My /etc/zaptel.conf file contains:

# For the 4-port BRI Card
# qozap span definitions
# most of the values should be bogus because we are not really zaptel


# For the TDM400  - Extensions (Ports 1 and 2)
fxoks=13-14 # Make sure that the FXS(green) modules are closest to the
bracket if you
# are looking at the side of the card with all of the electronic components.

# For the TDM400  - PSTN Lines (Ports 3 and 4)
fxsks=15-16 # This is for the FXO module(s)

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