[asterisk-tech] zaphfc and tdm2400p

Steve Davies steve at connection-telecom.com
Fri Jun 2 19:04:44 SAST 2006

On 2 Jun 2006, at 18:44, Rob Lith wrote:

> I read that the bristuff will break any other zaptel cards in the  
> same system. That's why we tend to stick with cards that have their  
> own discrete channel drivers. Price of the cheap HFC cards seem to  
> always sway the decision making though.
> I've also read that the only issue is that you must load all  
> modules (wcfxs, zaphfc) before runing ztcfg, otherwise nothing  
> works. You could try that.

I'm sure I remember helping a customer who had hfc with Digium  
analogue.  I'm sure it worked.  The zaphfc looks like a PRI board -  
so you just define the spans and channels for the hfc, then after  
that you define the channels on the analogue.

The zaphfc will be channels 1 to 3, so the tdm will be 4 through 7.

Load zaptel, zaphfc, wctdm in that order and then run ztcfg.  Then  
load asterisk.


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