[asterisk-tech] asterisk and SA regulation

Barry Gill b at rry.co.za
Fri Jun 2 14:37:03 SAST 2006

> 1.  We need an LMO license to connect our hardware to Telkom's PSTN.  From
everything I've read so far Telkom only require the equipment to be type
approved and hold a TLTE license.  What is the truth?  If we only require a
TLTE license, what is an LMO license for?

This is absolute *rubbish*.
Telkom tried the same thing with me when I installed my * box.
Rob Lith was very kind to offer me the use of his LMO license, but in the
end, telling Telkom staff to bugger off and grow up proved a quicker
Telkom require that the equipment you connect to their network is type
approved, my two Duxbury PCI ISDN cards are type approved by ICASA.
That was all they needed to know. The LMO license is not for you, or your

> 2.  We need to record calls.  Apparently voice recordings are inadmissable
in court if they are not recorded in such a way so as to ensure the
recordings can not be altered (ie. stored cryptographically on dedicated
hardware).  Does anyone know the validity of this statement?

Sorry, can't help on that one...

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